Future skills project overview

CILIP has identified that it needs to review its skills and qualifications offer to ensure it is relevant to members, employers and the profession. The review of products and services was completed in March 2013 and changes will be implemented throughout the rest of the year.

Why we are doing it

Continuing professional development and qualifications are still high on the list of reasons why people join CILIP. However, changes in the information profession mean new career pathways and entry levels are emerging and people are entering professional roles using very different routes. Employers are asking for professional qualifications less and less and therefore the value of the products we offer need to be articulated clearly.

What we are doing

In 2011, CILIP Council approved the creation of the future skills project to undertake a review of the products and services offered. This has included:

  • The creation of a new Professional Knowledge and Skills Base which outlines the broad range of skills that are required by workers in the library, information and knowledge management community.
  • The revision of the model for the accreditation of academic and vocational courses.
  • The review of our suite of professional qualifications, including Certification, Chartership, Fellowship and Revalidation.
  • Engaging with employers and developing strategies for continued employer engagement in the future.

The Project Initiation Document provides more detail about why we are doing the project, what we are doing and how the project is being managed.

When we will deliver

The main review of products was completed in March 2013 and the project is currently moving into the implementation phase. The dates below provide the key milestones for 2013.

  • May 2013: The new process for Accreditation will go live.
  • July 2013: The new model for qualifications and the online version of the PKSB will be launched at the Umbrella conference.
  • Autumn 2013: The new model for qualifications will go live. 

There will be a transition plan in place so members currently undertaking their qualifications will still be able to submit their application for a qualification using the old process.