Innovation Award - Academic and Research Libraries Group - Awards

This award is intended to reward and support an individual, group or team pursuing innovation and excellence in the broad area of learning and teaching, and learner support, within academic, national or research libraries. Relevant activity is defined very broadly and might involve one—or a combination—of the following:

  • Initiating or developing new services
  • Creating learning materials, packages, etc.
  • Developing relevant applications of new technology
  • Establishing new partnerships/collaborative relationships
  • Undertaking research into any aspect of learner support
  • Writing or achieving publication of a relevant piece of work
  • Delivering a conference paper
  • Staging a relevant event/promoting an individual initiative

The award is open to any member of staff employed in academic, national or research libraries in the UK, and to students hoping to work in these institutions. Bids for funding of up to £1000 will be considered.


Applications will be assessed according to:

  • The strength of the proposed project in relation to the purpose
  • How the funding will be used
  • The benefits identified for individuals/groups/teams, institutions and learners

Within 12 months of receiving the award, the recipient must submit a report suitable for publication in the Group's newsletter and for publication on the website.


  • A covering letter of application
  • CILIP membership number and confirmation of membership of ARLG
  • A description (no longer than 1000 words) of the proposed project, including the following details:
    • purpose of the project
    • name(s) and role(s) of the individual, group or team pursuing the project
    • benefits identified for individuals/groups/teams, institutions and learners
    • how the funding will be used
  • Any additional supporting documentation 


This award is currently closed.