UX Libs in a Day with Andy Priestner

In association with ARLG-South West

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Thu, 16th Feb 2017 - 9:00am to 4:30pm

UX Libs in a day Thurs Feb 16th 2017 at Reed Hall, Exeter University

In association with ARLG-SW, Andy Priestner will be running a one day workshop on user experience research methods. He will be sharing the most effective UX techniques for researching how library spaces and services are used with lots of practical examples and opportunities for interaction; attendees will learn a range of techniques to help them discover how library users really behave and what they actually think about our services. 

For more infomation see: http://uxlib.org/uxlibsinaday/



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What is UXLibs?

UXLibs stands for ‘User eXperience in Libraries’, a conference founded and chaired by Andy Priestner, which is annually attended by librarians (from all over the world) who employ UX research methods to improve library services. Andy devised ‘UXLibs-in-a-day’ so that attendees could explore UX techniques and their application via an interactive and intensive one-day course. He has taken this highly successful course all around the UK, Europe, Asia and Australia.

What is UX Research?

UX or User Experience is everything that happens to your users when they interact with your service in any way (physically or remotely). It includes everything they see, everything they hear, everything they do, as well as their emotional reactions. UX research is about going beyond traditional surveys and quantitative data collection and using methods that record and examine actual user behaviour of libraries with a view to delivering more relevant and valuable spaces and services.

Aim of the course

The course takes a highly practical and interactive approach that details the key techniques and encourages attendees to consider how they might be applied at their institution. Attendees will also be asked to consider the status quo at their place of work: what services are currently working, what is failing, what can be improved? The course should leave attendees enthusiastically equipped to use a range of tried-and-tested methods to research the library experience of their users and deliver new and improved services as a result.

What does the course cover?

The course is divided into three sessions: 1. What is User Experience? - Defining user experience and ethnography and exploring the value of attitudinal and behavioral user research methods with practical examples of library application. 2. User Experience Techniques - The most valuable UX methods are detailed and attendees try many of them out: observation; behavioural mapping; interview; cognitive mapping; usability testing; cultural probes; card sorting; touchstone tours; love letters and break-up letters. 3. Idea generation and prototyping - Using idea generation techniques and a divergent thinking approach to turn research data into ideas for new products and services.


  • Andy Priestner


    Andy Priestner is an experienced freelance trainer and consultant in the fields of UX, leadership, social media, and teambuilding. He also works part-time as innovation lead for the University of Cambridge Futurelib project. He originated the first international UX in Libraries conference in 2015 and with Matt Borg co-edited a book with the same title which will be published in Spring 2016. LinkedIn: https://uk.linkedin.com/in/andypriestner More info on UX in Libraries and next year's 'UXLibs II' conference in Manchester is available at: http://uxlib.org

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