What is the Professional Knowledge and Skills Base?

The Professional Knowledge and Skills Base (PKSB) brings the areas of professional and technical expertise together with the generic skills and capabilities required by those in the library, information and knowledge management community. It also encompasses our ethics and values while placing value on the wider context both within the community and beyond.

Ethics and values

These are placed at the centre of the wheel as they underpin the work of all practitioners in the sector.

Professional expertise and generic skills

The key knowledge and skills which make our profession unique include:

  • Organising knowledge and information.
  • Knowledge and information management.
  • Using and exploiting knowledge and information.
  • Research skills.
  • Information governance and compliance.
  • Records management and archiving.
  • Collection management and development.
  • Literacies and learning.
  • Leadership and advocacy.
  • Strategy, planning and management.
  • Customer focus, service design and marketing.
  • IT and communication.

Further detail on these knowledge and skill areas is available in the full PKSB.

Wider context

It's important to maintain current awareness and understand the wider profession and the world outside our own workplace. Professional expertise and generic skills are therefore set within the wider library, information and knowledge management context and the wider organisation and environmental context.