NI Parties Back CILIP's 'Facts Matter' Campaign

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As part of our Facts matter campaign, CILIP Ireland has been asking the five main political parties in Northern Ireland to pledge their commitment to facts and evidence in public life and their 2017 General Election campaigns.

Responses received to date are published below.

Northern Ireland Political parties who are publicly supporting the Facts Matter pledge


Alliance Party

"We're happy to support this pledge. In this era of ‘fake news’, it has never been more important to ensure an evidence-based approach in political debate policy-making and decisions. Alliance has always been at the forefront of transparency in politics, and we pledge to continue that in this General Election to ensure public trust and confidence in the democratic process." Naomi Long, MLA, leader of the Alliance Party of Northern Ireland and all 18 Alliance Party Candidates.


"The SDLP recognises the vital role of facts and evidence in political campaigning for ensuring public trust and confidence in the democratic process. Our party will take all reasonable steps to run a fact-based 2017 General Election campaign. The tide of ‘fake news’ and ‘alternative facts’ that has spread with populist movements across Europe and the US is a threat to the integrity of our democracy. The SDLP will stand against those who seek to misrepresent truth in the pursuit of political power. We pledge to campaign on evidence based policies.” SDLP Chief Whip Colin McGrath MLA

Ulster Unionist Party

"The Ulster Unionist Party recognises the essential role that facts have in informing rational policy development. This is particularly important at election time when Ulster Unionist candidates are asking voters to place their trust in them. Anything we commit to, or claim as fact, will be able to be backed up with evidence." Mark Ovens – Head of Policy for the Ulster Unionist Party

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