Member Research

Present and past items of member surveys relating specifically to CILIP membership.

Member research is an important part of member engagement as it enables the organisation to better understand the membership and views on the sector/profession as a whole. CILIP has a very active membership and response rates are generally high indicating a good level of engagement. It is important to harness this appropriately to help shape the growth and direction of the organisation. This page contains the summary reports from previous years’ surveys.

Member Survey 2014

In October 2014 an online survey was held for members to participate in. More than 5,000 members responded to this. The aim of the survey was to gauge members’ views on CILIP as an organisation and the current services and support offered to members.

Organisation Member Survey 2015

Following from the national survey held in 2014, further work was done with organisation members. This was undertaken as a qualitative survey - focus groups and telephone interviews with existing representatives and potential institutions. The aim of this work was to assess current views on the offer and how it could be better shaped to be more fit-for-purpose.