7 November 2013 Council meeting

A summary of the 7 November 2013 Council meeting. 

What was discussed?

  • Year to date information about finance and membership*
  • CILIP representation at the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO)
  • Advocacy and public affairs activity
  • An update on the 2014 elections
  • Electronic decisions since the previous meeting
  • In the afternoon Council held a workshop to explore and discuss long-term priorities

*Council were provided with an updated membership report at the meeting, providing figures as of 31 October 2013. This report is available below.

Key decisions

  • Approved that CILIP would register as a Non-governmental Organisation (NGO) at WIPO
  • Approved the business plans for 2014 and the accompanying budgets
  • Council noted the finance and membership report
  • Noted the advocacy and public affairs report

The minutes are available below and provide further details about decisions and discussions during the open business of the meeting.

Agenda and papers

The following papers are provided to Councillors for the purposes of stimulating discussion and debate and do not necessarily reflect current or future CILIP policy. For more information on the decisions made at Council meetings we recommend you read these papers alongside the meeting summary and minutes which are published shortly after the meeting. If you have any questions or queries about the contents of these documents or Council meetings generally contact info@cilip.org.uk.