Guidelines for contributors

Have you got a news story for Information Professional, or do you have an idea for a feature? Find out how contribute to the magazine, who to contact, plus copy dates for 2018.

Contributing to Information Professional

Information Professional welcomes contributions to the magazine. Please contact us at

  • News: get in touch with Senior Reporters Rob Green or Rob Mackinlay (job share).
  • Features: Got an idea for a feature? Please get in touch with Managing Editor Rachel Middleton to discuss. As a rough guideline, and depending on how many pictures are included, a one page feature is 700 words, 2 page is 1,200 words and 3 is 1,800 words. Bear in mind that feature material is normally scheduled several months in advance.
  • Mailbox: Information Professional welcomes your letters - please send to including your name and address. The extent is usually up to 300 words. A £25 National Book Token gift card is offered for the 'Letter of the Month'. Information Professional reserves the right to edit and to decide which letters to publish.
  • Photos: We welcome high quality images to accompany your material. Please submit them as separate image files (e.g. jpgs), and at a high resolution (300dpi). If you have several large image files to submit, please consider using Dropbox or a big file website e.g. Please ensure that you have permission from the rightsholders for Informaiton Professional to reproduce the photos.
  • People news: send your career news along with a photo of yourself (see above).
  • Obituaries: The word limit is 500 words, and clear, high resolution photos to accompany the notice are very welcome. We can also scan in (and safely return to you) hard copy photos, please send to Information Professional, 7 Ridgmount Street, London WC1E 7AE.
  • Book reviews: Publishers and those interested in reviewing for Information Professional should contact Honorary Reviews Editor Diana Dixon Please note that Information Professional does not accept unsolicited reviews.

Copy dates for 2018

  • February 2018, published 31 January. Features by 18 December and News by 10 January.
  • March, published 14 March. Features by 5 February and News by 21 February
  • April/May, published 25 April. Features by 19 March and News by 4 April
  • June, published 13 June. Features by 7 May and News by 23 May
  • July/Aug, published 25 July. Features by 18 June and News by 4 July
  • September, published 12 September. Features by 6 August and News by 22 August
  • October published 24 October. Features by 17 September and News by 3 October
  • November/December, published 5 December. Features by 29 October and News by 14 November
  • January/February 2019, published 30 January. Features by 10 December and News by 9 January 2019