Mentor Support Officer

Job Description
The CILIP East Mentor Support Officer (MSO) coordinates activities for mentors.
They provide support and advice; facilitate exchange of information sessions and
can provide you with examples of good practice. 

Main Task
To support CILIP members who are mentoring or wish to mentor.
Key Responsibilities

  1. To welcome new mentors in their region and maintain an appropriate channel of communication with them.
  2. To provide encouragement and support to mentors
  3. To deliver CILIP’s national quality-assured mentor training programme (either via face to face training session or by assisting to facilitate CILIP’s Online Programme)
  4. To facilitate mentor exchange of experience sessions
  5. To attend meetings of CILIP East, either in person or via the internet
  6. To liaise with the CILIP East Candidate Support Officer (CSO) on areas of common interest

This is a voluntary position on the CILIP East Committee, though expenses will be reimbursed.

If you are a registered CILIP mentor and are interested in this role, contact for further information, full role description and requirements. Our current MSO Kirstie Preest, is happy to answer questions about the role.