HLG Nursing - Get involved

You can get involved with HLG Nursing in a number of ways:

Sign up and use the Lis-nursing discussion list

Lis-nursing is one of the mailing lists available through JISCMAIL, the National Academic Mailing List Service.


See the instructions under the 'Join/Leave a list' section.

Alternatively go straight to the Lis-Nursing Archive page at http://jiscmail.ac.uk/lists/lis-nursing.html and follow the instructions to join or leave the list.

Write an article for the Bulletin

We welcome articles on a range of topics:

  • New initiatives
  • A new user guide you may have developed
  • A user survey you have undertaken

Perhaps you work in a specialist area or work as a single staffed lbrary. Then write us a piece about what it's like working in your organisation. The Bulletin aims to be a practical lighthearted read. For more information see the Bulletin page, or contact our editor:

Volunteer for the Working Group

HLG Nursing will take the lead on specific project areas releated to nursing, midwifery and allied health on behalf of HLG. While there is a core of people attached to the working group, projects that we undertake will require more people taking part. Keep an eye open for what we are doing and let us know if you would like to take part.