• The group welcomes members from all areas of the Information world, as we support the provision of information services to improve the effectiveness of information provision to all sectors of society.
  • Besides the website we publish the Refer Journal online. Print copies are available on request. The Electronic editions of each Refer journal are available to members.    

  • ISG has representation at the CILIP Conference, and on the IFLA Reference & Information Services Section Committee.  The Standing Committee on Official Publications (SCOOP) representatives contribute to the ISG Committee.
  • Regional ISG Committees run their own events and visits, but are represented on the National ISG and have their webpages linked from here
  • Our annual Reference Awards are held in the autumn, with nominations open to all from February to August
  • Follow us on Twitter:  @ISGCILIP
  • Join us on LIBRARYTHING (for book reviews)