Jane Weller

Web Editor

ISG IFLA representative on the Reference Section 2010-2015,  as Secretary of the group

Jane retired from Hampshire LibraryService in 2012, where she had been Information Services Manager and Special Collections Librarian for the previous 5 years.  The work involved providing reference stock, online databases and journals,  offering training courses in ref skills, and promoting the County's special holdings of Military, Naval, Aviation, Railways and Jane Austen collections!   Jane was a member of the original Public Libraries' team which negotiated with suppliers for online resources, and has been an ISG Committee member for many years.  In 2010 she joined the IFLA reference section as their secretary.   

Jane provides naval genealogy courses and other family history research (including her own when time permits!)  for her local libraries. Her other interests are travel (Italy especially where she and her husband are Honorary Citizens of Sesto Fiorentino); theatre-going, and her slightly odd hobby of collecting representations of The Magi (see photo!).

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