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SCOOP membership  

SCOOP is a Standing Committee of the Information Services Group (ISG) of the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals (CILIP). All SCOOP officers are responsible to ISG and as such these are the Chairman, Secretary, Seminars co-ordinator and Publications Secretary. Other tasks are fulfilled by the appropriate ISG officer.

Membership is composed entirely of representatives of other CILIP groups, other information related bodies and TSO and HMSO. These are:

  • Bodleian Library, Official Publications Section
  • British and Irish Association of Law Librarians
  • British Library Official Publications Library
  • Cataloguing and Index Group
  • Education Libraries Group
  • European Information Association
  • Government Libraries Group
  • Health Libraries Group
  • House of Commons Library
  • HMSO
  • LISC, Northern Ireland
  • London Reference Librarians Group
  • National Library of Scotland
  • National Library of Wales
  • Northern Ireland Assembly
  • Public Libraries Group
  • SWOP
  • Trinity College, Dublin
  • TSO

A list of the current representatives may be obtained from the Secretary. Occasionally SCOOP may co-opt members with specific expertise.

Attendance at all meetings is funded by the organisation or Group whose interests the member represents. Administrative and executive costs are met by ISG as long as SCOOP remains mainly self-supporting.

The only way in which an individual may have membership of SCOOP is by being in the membership of its parent organisation, ISG. Information on ISG is included with this information.

Although SCOOP maintains a mailing list it does not mail to all members of ISG. This is mainly due to cost. The mailing list is updated regularly and names are added to it on request (contact the Publications Secretary). ISG members receive regular information through Refer.