Notes for contributors to Focus on International Library and Information Work

Articles for publication in Focus are always welcome.

Focus is not peer-reviewed, and articles are primarily intended to keep readers (who are professionals from a variety of different types of library and information services) informed about what is going on in the international library and information world, to introduce new ideas and programmes, report on activities and experiences, etc., rather than be ‘academic treatises’.
Articles are normally between 1,500 and 2,000 words, though can be a little longer if necessary.

The inclusion of references and URLs/links to further information is valuable, as is a relevant photo or two (640 × 480 at good resolution), if appropriate.

Focus is published in March, July and November and copy deadline is normally the end of January, May and September, respectively.
Please e-mail material for consideration to the editor at

Articles should not normally have been previously published, or be under consideration for publication elsewhere.