50th Anniversary Virtual Special Edition

Library & Information History began life as Library History in Spring 1967. It was launched by the Library History Group of the Library Association to replace a newsletter that had been distributed since 1963. As Peter Hoare stated in the editorial of the first issue, the group hoped ‘to provide an appropriate medium for the publication and recording’ of recent research in the history of libraries and librarianship, and ‘to provide a focus for those working on or interested in the development of libraries and book-collecting, particularly in Britain but also abroad’.

In 2009, the title of the journal was extended to Library & Information History. By this time, the group had changed its name to the Library & Information History Group. This followed the merger of the Library Association and the Institute of Information Scientists in 2002 to form CILIP (Chartered Institute of Library & Information Professionals). The title change also reflected an increasing interest in information history. As Toni Weller, the incoming editor in 2009, pointed out: ‘The previous few years of the journal have witnessed an increasing volume of articles dedicated to aspects of information history as well as to library history’.

Former editors of the journal have selected papers to illustrate the variety of subjects and approaches in the field. The selection of papers is not necessarily an indication of impact or best quality. Articles which appeared during the years Peter Morrish served as editor (1976-1987) are not included.

  • Peter Hoare, 1967-1975 (Vol. 1-3)
  • Keith Manley, 1988-2003 (Vol. 8-19)
  • Alistair Black, 2004-2008 (Vol. 20-24)
  • Toni Weller, 2009-2012 (Vol. 25-28)
  • Mark Towsey, 2013-2016 (Vol. 29-32)