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Human rights defenders using mobile data India

Helping human rights activists protect and preserve digital data

DatNav, a new guide, helps human rights defenders integrate digital data into their work

Text and data mining production line

To boldly go… the librarian's role in text and data mining

The relatively new exception to copyright law that we enjoy in the UK, permitting text and data mining (TDM) for the purposes of non-commercial research, offers potential to further knowledge and make scientific and medical breakthroughs.


Why do librarians need to know about ontologies?

The change from a web of documents to a web of data has taken its time, but in recent years there have been huge changes in both our perception of open data and in the development of an infrastructure to support it.

Open data

Opening up data in Newcastle Libraries

At the CILIP MmIT conference in September we will be talking about releasing and re-using

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Top 6 library and information stories from August 2016

We've collected together some of the interesting, contentious and important library and information stories that were discussed around the world last month. There were lots of interesting discussions in August, including: 

libraries hacked

Libraries and Open Data #librarieshacked

Libraries Hacked is a project to promote library open data and the creative reuse of that data.  Open data, and producing tech solutions with that data, has already proved to be of great benefit to public organisations.

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The big disconnect: decision-makers and information experts

http://www.jinfo.comBusinesses today cannot be successful without having access to information, so why can’t they see the need for information experts, asks Jinfo’s Robin Neidorf, as she tells Rob Mackinlay that the information profession may be dealing with a whole generation of commercial decision-makers with skewed ideas about the value of information.

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Information management – hindsight or head start?

As businesses and organisations are suddenly realising that they need to harness their information in order to have the competitive edge, Vivienne Winterman affirms the fundamental building blocks for good information management – and the message isn’t a new one.

Leonard Nimoy, Christopher Lee and Nelson Mandela

Living and dying on social media

Many of us share our lives online, but what happens to our digital identity when we die? Georgina Cronin argues that we have the professional skills to offer support to our users who may be going through the worst times of their lives, and offers advice on how to manage a digital legacy.

The Hague Declaration: what does society stand to gain? Insights, efficiency, economic potential

The Hague Declaration on Knowledge Discovery in the Digital Age

At LIBER, the Association of European Research Libraries, one of our major projects this year has been the drafting of a new document, which we hope will be instrumental in changing intellectual property (IP