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Copyright law gets the upper hand - how contracts can no longer remove many rights users have in UK copyright law

Reviews of how changes to contract law protect copyright exceptions from override by contract, with use rights such as research, quotation, parody and particular uses within a library context. 

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Demonstrating expertise in digital scholarship

It’s a conundrum. Digital scholarship can readily be defined by the use of technology to support the access, retrieval and application of knowledge – but that’s only a fraction of the story.

Text and data mining production line

To boldly go… the librarian's role in text and data mining

The relatively new exception to copyright law that we enjoy in the UK, permitting text and data mining (TDM) for the purposes of non-commercial research, offers potential to further knowledge and make scientific and medical breakthroughs.


Why do librarians need to know about ontologies?

The change from a web of documents to a web of data has taken its time, but in recent years there have been huge changes in both our perception of open data and in the development of an infrastructure to support it.

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Four Facets of Discovery

Discovery is a hot topic in libraries and has come to be all-encompassing. Everything is a “discovery interface.” But what do we mean by discovery, anyway?

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Managing metadata in web-scale discovery services

The American Library Association describes web-scale discovery (WSD) services as tools that “are capable of searching quickly and seamlessly across a vast ra

Late 15th Century manuscript

How Digital.Bodleian will open access to over 1 million extraordinary images

On 14th October 2015 I’ll be speaking at RLUK’s conference, Discovering Collections, Discovering Communities, and ahead of that I would like to tell you the story of

Top 6 library and information stories from June 2015

Top 6 library and information stories from June 2015

We've collected together some of the interesting, contentious and important library and information stories that were discussed around the world last month. There were lots of interesting discussions in June, including: 

egranary Digital Library

How to provide digital libraries to those without internet?

Though internet coverage has increased exponentially in developed countries, it has lagged far behind in the developing world with wide disparities in global connectivity.

A selection of illustrations from the Lost Visions Project

The Illustration Archive: Retrieving the Visual Element of Books from the Nineteenth Century

Despite the mass digitization of books, illustrations have remained more or less invisible. As an aesthetic form, illustration is conventionally positioned at the bottom of a hierarchy that places painting and sculpture at the top.