Strengthening the quality assurance of UK transnational education

The Quality Assurance Agency for HE (QAA) consultation on strengthening the quality assurance of UK transnational education.

(March 2014)

CILIP agrees that the quality of UK transnational education needs to be strengthened to maintain and demonstrate the quality of the country’s important education exports. We strongly support the principle that all students studying for a UK qualification are entitled to expect certain levels of standards and quality, regardless of where in the world they live. This consultation document contains some interesting proposals for achieving this.

In our responses to questions 2-16 we comment on the implications of the QAA’s proposals for the quality assurance of UK transnational information, library and knowledge education, and in the final section (question 17) we address some of the implications of transnational higher education to library and information services and their users, because the quality of library provision plays a vital role in enabling a learning experience appropriate for higher education.