Reform of the National Curriculum in England

(April 2013)


In 2011 the Secretary of State for Education announced a review of the National Curriculum in England.  The Department for Education stated that: "The new National Curriculum will set out only the essential knowledge that all children should acquire, and give schools and teachers more freedom to decide how to teach this most effectively and to design a wider school curriculum that best meets the needs of their pupils".

In February 2013 the Secretary of State for Education announced a public consultation on the draft National Curriculum. This new curriculum will be taught in school in England from September 2014.

Key points

Our response to the 2011 review highlighted, amongst other things, the importance of teaching information literacy skills across the curriculum.

Our response to the 2013 consultation reiterated our firm belief that the aims of the National Curriculum can only be achieved if the unique role and contribution of the school library and librarian is recognised and championed.  

Through the knowledge, expertise and skills of the school librarian, children are introduced to, and taught how to access and explore for themselves the best that has been thought and said in all subject areas. This has been shown to impact positively on their literacy levels, enjoyment of reading, information literacy skills, confidence and self esteem.