Information management projects 2013-2015

There have been three phases of CILIP's information management work which began with the Information Management Project 2013. The Information Management Project 2014-15 saw CILIP host a second IM summit, more information management coverage in our Update magazine and professional policy resources published on our web pages. We also enjoyed a full programme of information management sessions and workshops at the 2015 CILIP conference in Liverpool.

Objectives of the Information Management Project 2013


  • To establish CILIP’s place as the leading policy-making professional body in the field
  • To support the Information Matters strand at Umbrella 2013.
  • To hold an Information Management Executive Briefing event to explore current issues.
  • To improve CILIP’s horizon scanning and its ability to deliver informed comment on information management related issues of public and professional concern
  • To establish sustainable, authoritative content on the revised CILIP website
  • Delivery of a stakeholder map based on identification and analysis

Information Management Project 2014

The 2014 Project built upon the successes of the previous project and continued with its aim to establish CILIP's place as the leading professional body in the field. 


  • Establish CILIP's interest in information management and advocate its importance
  • Deliver increased advocacy on information management
  • Support members in IM work and professional development
  • Create meaningful alliances with other professional groups to represent the wider IM profession

Information Management Project Board Members

  • Karen McFarlane (Project Chair and CILIP Trustee)
  • David Byrne (CILIP Trustee)
  • Stephen Latham
  • Stephen Latham
  • Dion Lindsay (CILIP Trustee)
  • Stephen Phillips
  • Stephen Pinfield
  • Sandra Ward
  • Guy Daines (Project Leader)
  • Annie Mauger (Project Sponsor and past CILIP Chief Executive)
  • Jacqueline May (Project Support)

The Information Management Board was supported in its work by the IM Leaders Group. A community of experts who helped deliver various parts of the project.