The Digital Economy

The Digital Economy is becoming synonymous with the national economy. Digital skills are now necessary life skills not just skills required for work. The drive should be towards universal access and usage of the internet as a necessary step towards ensuring the availability of a workforce with the skills to support businesses in the digital economy. Libraries, especially public libraries and those serving educational institutions, play an important role in addressing the literacies necessary for modern life.

Business, Innovation and Skills Committee Inquiry on the Digital Economy

  • Today's workforce must not only be proficient in current technology but be sufficiently adaptable to learn and utilise tomorrow's technology
  • Amongst SMEs a recent Lloyds Bank survey of digital maturity found almost 1.7m have a very low level of digital understanding and capability. The enterprising Libraries programme run by the British Library in partnership with others is an effective model to help address this deficit
  • We recommend a cross-industry Working Party to develop a National Knowledge & Information Skills Strategy to complement the Government's National Data Strategy and Information Economy Strategy