Information management summit 2013

CILIP's Information Management Summit - Towards transforming organisations and our profession - took place on 31 October 2013.

It provided the opportunity for senior information professionals and information management (IM) experts to:

Exchange experience on the criticality of good information management to organisations and learn from the experience of those leading IM in their organisations and using IM strategically how to engage and profit from IM.
Identify the opportunities for the information professional in what is a highly competitive arena
Determine how CILIP can encourage both people and organisations to increase their commitment to IM and support them to do so, as well as considering CILIP's responsibilities as an advocate for the effective Information Management essential for UK Limited - and the partnerships it will need in this endeavour.

About the event

The summit featured a range of speakers from many different areas of IM work. The morning set the scene with sessions on the importance of IM to business, government, and academia including case studies demonstrating how information professionals and librarians are extending their value by moving into wider IM roles. In the afternoon we looked at the professional mobility essential to advance in the sector and the skills needed to work in today and tomorrow's IM world.

About the speakers

James Castle, Information Management Consultant, Global Strategy and Business Development, Statoil
James has worked in a variety of roles across the commercial sector since completing his CILIP-accredited MA in 1999 including current awareness, research, LMS implementation, KM and IM. His current job is focused on provision and evaluation of external information products and the development of an internal KM collaboration platform for 23,000 employees world-wide.

Andrew Cox, Lecturer, Sheffield University
Andrew is a lecturer at the Information School (formerly the Department of Information Studies), University of Sheffield. His doctorate is from Loughborough. He coordinates Sheffield’s Digital Library Management MSc. He is a longstanding member of the MmIT committee.

Mark Hepworth, Reader in People's Information Behaviour, Loughborough
Dr Mark Hepworth works at the Centre for Information Management, formerly the Department of Information Science, at Loughborough University. Mark focuses on building people’s ability to exploit knowledge, information and data. His research and teaching covers: people’s information behaviour; information literacy; people-centred design; community engagement and monitoring and evaluation.

Clive Holtham, Professor of Information Management, City University & Director; Cass Learning Laboratory
Clive was awarded Young Accountant of the Year (1976). Following six years as a Director of Finance and IT, he moved to Cass Business School as Professor of Information Management. He researches management learning and strategic exploitation of IT. Director of the Cass Learning Laboratory since 2003, he is a UK National Teaching Fellow and a former adviser to the European Parliament on E-learning.

Julia Hordle, Director, TFPL
Julia is a Director for TFPL, Proagility plc. Julia has worked in the Information industries since 1993. As well as recruitment for clients, her role includes needs analysis, planning, leadership, communications and mentoring. Julia is a Fellow of the Institute of Recruitment Professionals and a member of the society for Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professionals (SCIP).

Liane Kordan, Senior Consultant, Information Management Team, Atos Consulting
Liane has almost 20 years’ experience of knowledge and information management work in the private and public sectors (NHS, Local/Central Government, Voluntary) including information governance, knowledge networks and technical solutions. In her current role, Liane’s focus is on delivering new IM tools and processes as part of larger transformation initiatives.

Annie Mauger, Chief Executive, CILIP
Annie Mauger was appointed CILIP Chief Executive in October 2010. She worked in libraries in England and Scotland for more than 20 years, becoming Head of Libraries and Heritage for the City of York Council in 2000. Annie was chair of the Scottish and National CILIP Community Services Groups and was also an executive member of the Society of Chief Librarians in England.

Karen McFarlane, CMG, BA, MLib, FCLIP, Government Head of Profession for Knowledge and Information
Karen leads a multidisciplinary team providing Knowledge and Information Management and Information Assurance Services within a Government Department. She is Chair of the Government's Knowledge Council and is Government Head of Profession for Knowledge and Information Management (KIM).

Will Moy, Director, Full Fact
Will is Director of Full Fact, Britain's only independent fact checking organisation. Full Fact often appears in the media to explain contentious issues. Will has also provided training to the ONS and Government Statistical Service and evidence to the Leveson Inquiry and Select Committees.

John Quinn, Head of Business Solutions, CKO, DfE
John is Head of Business Solutions at DfE and is currently delivering a major change and IT transformation programme, covering KM, Data, Contact Management and culture change. His current challenge is to deliver more with less and at a faster pace and developing a new relationship between his customers and teams.