Jason Farradane Award

Made to an individual or a group of people in recognition of outstanding work in the information profession.

  • 2017 Winner announced: Christopher Gutteridge, Systems, Information and Web programmer at the University of Southampton

Jason Farradane graduated in chemistry in 1929 at what is now Imperial College and started work in industry as a chemist and documentalist. After working in research at the Ministry of Supply and the Admiralty during World War II, he first made an impact with a paper on the scientific approach to documentation at a Royal Society Scientific Information Conference in 1948.

He was instrumental in establishing the Institute of Information Scientists in 1958 and the first academic courses in information science in 1963 at the precursor of City University, where he became Director of the Centre for Information Science in 1966. Of Central European origin, his commitment to science was reflected in the name he created for himself - a combination of Faraday and Haldane, two scientists he particularly admired. On the research side his main contributions lay in relational analysis, which can now perhaps be seen as providing a precursor to work in the area of A.I., and the concept of information. He saw information science as a step towards understanding and better organizing ourselves.


The Award is given in recognition of an outstanding contribution to the information profession, by meeting one or more of the following criteria:

  • raising the profile of the information profession within an organisation or field of endeavour in a way which has become an exemplar to others;
  • raising the awareness of the value of information in the workplace;
  • demonstrating excellence in education and teaching in information science;
  • a major contribution to the theory and practice  of information science.

2017 Award

UKeiG is pleased to announce that the UKeiG Jason Farradane Award winner for 2017 is Christopher Gutteridge, Systems, Information and Web programmer at the University of Southampton.
Chris is passionate about harnessing the value of organisational information and pioneering new and innovative ways to derive more value from information. Over the years, he has been involved in many projects that have information at their core.
He is also a strong advocate for making better and more efficient use of information, and endeavouring to make it easier for others to do the same. A firm believer in sharing knowledge, Chris is also a frequent blogger, posting his thoughts and perceptions on a wide range of different topics. His passion for data is a consistent theme throughout his posts.

Further details of Chris's nomination can be found on the 2017 Award page.


Jason Farradane Award Winners


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