UKeiG Student or Early-Career Professional Conference Grant

This bursary is unavailable for 2017.

Discretionary award offered to help a current ILS student or an early-career professional attend a relevant conference. (May not cover complete cost.)


UKeiG offers grants to two categories of applicant:

  • UK undergraduate and postgraduate students in UK schools or departments of librarianship, information studies, information science, knowledge management or information management running courses accredited by CILIP
  • UK early-career professionals

Each grant is offered to enable a student or early-career professional to attend a conference relevant to their professional studies or career (e.g.LILACInternet Librarian International or Libraries in the Digital Age (LIDA in Croatia)... but see Recent Awards for more recent support). UKeiG is not offering this conference grant as support for the CILIP Conference as this is available from the Group at: CILIP Conference Bursaries.

Applications are accepted throughout the year. UKeiG expects to make a number of awards each year, with funds held over to cover at least one application in the second half of the year. The grant awarded may not cover all costs, and no more than £250 will be awarded for a UK conference or £500 for a conference overseas. UKeiG reserves the right to withhold the award.

It is a condition of winning that a short ‘conference report’ is presented for publication in eLucidate. We would normally expect this by the copy date following the conference.

Nominations should take the form of a letter detailing the justification for, and benefits to be gained from, attending the conference, as well as details of the conference, including date and place, and the costs to be incurred. Additionally, you should provide a letter of support from your university or employer as proof of your status as a full-time student/current position. If you are offering a paper at the conference, a copy of your abstract would help your submission.

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